March 18, 2011
For Rio's Carnival, You May Only Be 99.9% Naked


At Rio de Janeiro’s recently concluded Carnival celebrations, ladies are traditionally permitted to run around bare-chested and bethonged, as long as the genitals (or really, just the actual genital slits) are technically covered. One crew was somehow disqualified from parade competition because of too much nudity. The offending member of the Sao Clemente crew wasn’t named, but everyone knows it was carnival queen Viviane Castro, who paraded around in a tiny patch of glue-on fabric that apparently failed to reliably adhere. Fullsize NSFW pic after the jump, of course.

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    If it was glued on I guess it wasn’t a real thong. Until the glue let go, was she 99 44/100ths naked? Boy, talk about a...
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